Chamber Choir Workshop Audition Form

Thank you for auditioning for the Chamber Choir Workshop with Tim Wayne-Wright. Please fill in the form below and upload a video of yourself singing a verse or excerpt of any song/work of your choice, unaccompanied

The first round of auditions closes on 1 February 2023. Any spots left unfilled after that date will be included in a subsequent round. 


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Please upload a short video of you performing a verse or excerpt of a song / work of your choice, unaccompanied. Videos must include at least 30 seconds and no more than two minutes of singing.

At the start of your video, please announce your full name, which voice part you are auditioning for and the name of the song or work you will be singing.

Please note that Tim Wayne-Wright will review all auditions and any decision he makes regarding the acceptance of auditions is final. Once a decision has been made on your audition you will be informed accordingly, and if accepted, you will receive a link for you to finalise your registration.